I Pledge To

Pay full attention to my buyer's needs.

Provide my buyer client with the first opportunity to view new listings. 

Find the best property for my buyer client. 

Give advice with facts & opinions. 

Provide price counseling for my buyer client via market value analysis.

Strengthen my buyer clients negotiating position.

Negotiate approved purchase agreement to safeguard my buyer clients. 

Continue services to my buyer during negotiations. 

Attempt to solve problems to my buyer's satisfaction.

Make your dreams become reality.

The Power of Top Performance

As our county's leading residential broker for over 20 years*, our goals are clear. We are committed to providing the highest quality services, resulting in complete satisfaction for our clients, through unwavering dedication to our fiduciary duties. 

Conveniently located offices serving all of Ulster County and surrounding areas. 

Fully Trained Associate Brokers and Salespersons including Certified Residential Specialists, Accredited Buyer Representatives and several members of the Luxury Home Marketing Institute. 

Qualified member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the WorldTM, an association of top independent brokers. 

High traffic, highly regarded automated IDX websites. (Debra Dooley)

Comprehensive and ongoing training and education programs for all associates.

Proven ability to advise on complex and changing market conditions.

Specializing in primary, dual residency and vacation properties.

* UC MLS single family sold transactions from '93 - '15.
Steps to Buying Your Home

  1. Insure buyer selects a mortgage lender and gets pre-qualified.
  2. Choose your home wisely.
  3. Create an offer term sheet with your realtor.
  4. Your realtor presents your offer to the seller's agent.
  5. Arrive at a 'meeting of the minds'.
  6. Arrange home inspections.
  7. Select an attorney (realtor will send all documents so attorney can arrange a swift contract and will order title and survey).
  8. Sign contract and provide deposit.
  9. Seller signs and returns contract to your attorney.
  10. Attend inspections with your realtor.
  11. Discuss results of inspections.
  12. Resolve inspection contingency.
  13. Complete mortgage application.
  14. Submit mortgage application along with copy of the contracts. 
  15. Lender obtains property appraisal.
  16. Loan commitment issued to you.
  17. Arrange with realtor transfer of ownership (movers, utilities, etc.).
  18. Schedule closing with your attorney and realtor.
  19. Attend final walk-through inspection with realtor. 
  20. Attend your closing.

*Major Areas of Inspection: structure (frame and foundation), roof, electrical, plumbing, heating and A/C, fireplaces, water, radon, ventilation, pest infestation